The Time Bomb

We only have one life to live here on earth. We only have one chance to change the life of a passing stranger. Only one chance to change the world. Our clock is ticking and there are no pauses, time outs or set backs. You get one shot and you better make it count. clock-pointers-fashion-hands-of-a-clock-1252To often we forget about these special unique lives that we live. We take time for granted. I propose we look at time in a different way…

It’s a Bomb

We don’t know when it will go off, where or how, all we know is that our time is limited. So what do we chose to do with this special gift?

Well we have several options, modern day America has made sure of that.

1). Spend our “juvenile” years (now reaching into the thirties) playing video games and watching movies.

2). Work our lives off paying the credit debut we keep building, and try to retire but go back to work in the end.

But why? Why do we waste such a special gift?

We spend our lives in video game comas, stuck in a state of dead existence. We shake our heads to the state of the world but sit idly and watch it die! We say oh I wish somebody would do something…but we forget that we are somebody. No one is going to change the world but you. You are the world’s only hope. What are you doing about it?

In the super hero world the super heroes are the only ones that can save anyone. But we don’t live in that world do we? If we would stop waiting on the guy next to us to do something and did it ourselves we would be amazed at the results.

There’s only one world to save and one life to live so what are we waiting for? There’s only so much time before there’s “no turning back.” But what are we doing to change that?

Everybody keeps saying that the world is heading for disaster but they sit back like they want it to happen.

Now I’m not saying I’m perfect. I’m also guilty of this but I know it doesn’t have to end there.  There’s still hope!!!!

We were all placed on earth for a reason, we have a purpose and as long as we don’t lose sight of that we have a life to live.

What’s your purpose? Only you can answer that. What should you be doing right now? Again only you can decide to take the first step. The only one stopping you is you.


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