The Bigger Picture


Everybody lately has been up in arms about gays getting legalized by Supreme Court. And I think it’s great that people are willing to stand up even though the topic is hot right now. But there’s one thing I’m not seeing.

I think we’re missing the bigger problem, the problem that we’ve obviously struggled with for a very long time. I’ve seen it over and over again, even in my short life time. Sure Christians can come out with a big voice but they do it after the decision was already made. We wait silent and pray.

Is praying a good thing? Yes. But James tells us to be “doers and not hearers only.” Most of the time Christians don’t realize something is a problem until after it is.

I was thinking about some phrases I’ve heard over the past couple of years like, “prayer strategy.” But I started to ask myself if Christians think that way or even act that way. Do we just pray for anything or do we have a strategy?

Robert, my younger brother, was listening to a G.A. Henty, in it there were two princes that (after being told that a armada was coming to invade their land) did nothing until after the attack was made. They rallied quickly and surprised the main character at their great leadership. But was it enough? Nope it sure wasn’t they were wiped out.

But what if the princes had done something about that report?

I was also reading about 911 and everything that happened before the attack. There were several memos that were sent into the FBI but were lost in files or transit or just forgotten until after 911. The FBI rallied, they figured out what had happened and were on their toes doing their jobs perfectly. But was it enough? Nope. The people in the planes were already dead.

So what if the FBI had paid more attention to those memos? Who knows how many lives they could have saved?

So as I said at the top most people talk about the hot topic, but here’s what I see happening and I think it’s something we should learn. Once this hot topic has finally died down, there’s another and you want to know why it’s hot? Because it Just. Got. Legalized.

Now I am not at all saying that we should lay silent about same-sex relationships what I am saying is that a good leader pays attention to, not only what is happening now, but what is coming. And trust me if gays are being legalized, there’s more to come. But we have to have the eyes and attention to see it and the strategy to take came of it BEFORE THEY CAN TAKE A STEP.

My mom was a CCC (California Conservation Corps) she took care of fires and stuff. You want to know the ones that were the easiest to take care of? The ones that were put out by the campers or taken care of by a passer-by. The ones that were taken care of before they could get any where.

So I just want you all to think about that. It’s easy to think you should be doing something when everyone else is. But sometimes when you step away from it all you can hear better and you can see the bigger picture.

Keep fighting!


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