When Everything Falls Apart

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When everything falls apart we get to see him more clearly.

When his love seems farthest away, it’s holding us the tightest.

When nothing is going right, he’s still in control.

There are plenty in the world who will tell you to shut up, there are plenty in the world who will desert you. There are always those who don’t believe in you. And those who hate you are usually in overwhelming odds.

It’s easy to look at the world and how they turn. How many friends they have is just one example. They have money and relationships, they have fun and vacations. They have jobs and potential. And they have a crowd that’s rooting for them.

But is that the point of living? To have the world a virtual stadium with you in the spot light? Is there nothing more important than cheers and congratulations?

Are our lives really measured by our followers, fans and likes? Or are we more than this system, this fantasy? Are we more than slaves to a culture that’s lost? Are we more than the millions of stars with their millions of dollars and red carpets and lights?

Is there more to our lives? Is there more worth living for?

When the world hits bottom, it hits hard. It crashes into pieces. The lights, the fans, the red carpets and cheers all vanish with the snap of a finger. Your followers, disappear and your likes dwindle to nothing. The world is a shadow of yesterday and suddenly everything that was important to the world vanishes.

I know, I know. You’re telling me but my life doesn’t revolve around that sort of stuff.

But doesn’t it?

Without even realizing it we measure our lives by how many people call us their friends how many times we’ve changed a life and how many “souls we’ve saved.”

But I believe it’s more than that.

I have no souls to my name, never saved someone in my life. I don’t have many friends, and I doubt I’ve changed many lives. But there’s something more worth living for.

For Christ.

Because when you live for Christ, it doesn’t matter when no one will listen to you, you just keep preaching. It doesn’t matter when no one cheers for you, you just keep fighting. It doesn’t matter when you look at your life and see it empty. All the striving you did all the fruit of your labor seems for naught. But is it?

Or do we not know how to look at a life? How to see the fruit of the spirit.

Christ is using you whether you see it in your life or no.

You don’t have to be a speaker, a singer, an actor or writer to be useful to the Lord. Saying that, is like saying the Lord isn’t strong enough. But what the world sees as useless the Lord sees as thriving.

So throw your head back and tell the world to shut up, tell them to silence their blasphemy don’t let them pull you down. Go ahead and fight ’cause you’ll win in the end. When the world tells you your dumb and useless give yourself a hearty laugh and keep on climbing that useless mountain.

It’s the world that’s blind not you. All the world’s effort all the world’s pain is but for naught. They’re the ones that will hit rock while you hit diamond.

So when the world tells you to stop, tell them to join you. When the world tells you to shut up, encourage them to sing with you. When the world deserts you, stick by them till the end.

Because no matter what, it’s Christ who rains supreme, it’s Christ who is King and it’s Christ who has won the victory.

So when everything falls apart, fall to your knees look up to the sky and trust blindly the one who sees all.


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