The Story of a Main-Minor Character


How many people do you know in the world? How many people do you NOT know? Is the first answer smaller than the last? That’s normal. Now let me ask you a very different question that I’ve found has similar answers. How many people do you run into that you care about? How many people do you run into that you do NOT care about?

I’m going to guess that if you were absolutely honest that the first answer was smaller than the last. But come on, I can’t expect you to really care about every single person in the entire world right? That’s 7.4 billion people!

Overwhelmed yet? Ok well maybe that’s because we’re looking at it from ground level. Have you ever seen a picture of the earth from space? Don’t we look so small compared to the sun, and the sun small compared to a star, and a star compared to the universe etc?

Where am I going with this? Well let’s go back to the chalk board for a second because I want to give you some reasons for caring about the people around you.

We all have a lot in common:

A. We’re all sinners
B. We all have only one life
C. We all have souls
D. We all have/had dreams
E. We all have struggles

That isn’t reason enough? The next time you’re in a big city or a busy street take a moment to pause. Look around you. You’re surrounded by beating hearts, bleeding souls, stressed out minds, tired bodies, and hopeless thoughts. These people aren’t filler in the story of you’re life, they’re not extras on the scene you’re living out. They’re struggling, dreaming, soulful, sinners who have one chance on this earth to get it right. JUST LIKE YOU.

I was first struck by this reality when I read something about minor characters in stories.

“Minor character are the main character in their story.”

Wait, they have a story? Aren’t minor characters just support for the main character? NO! They are they’re own main character on they’re own mission in they’re own story. But then, why are they in the main character’s story? Because the writer, who controls their destiny, their end and their beginning, their circumstances and events, took two seemingly unconnected people and put them together to create a specific outcome.

Was that too wordy? Let me use a real life analogy. You are you’re main character. And God, the creator and controller of all things living and dead, has taken you and placed you in another’s life (or visa versa) to create something more beautiful than if you had never met.

Do you get where I was going with the whole planet thing earlier? The full sentence goes like this.

Aren’t we small compared to the world, and the world compared to the sun, and the sun to a star, and a star to the universe, and the universe to God?

It’s the same in the case of God’s over arching plan. We are small, not insignificant, but very small. We are not the main character of God’s plan. But we are the main character of his plan for us. If this is hard to imagine try thinking about the Marvel series and how each character is playing out his own story but it intertwines with the other’s. Imagine that about four billion times bigger.

So you get a movie, but so does that person standing next to you. The farmer who planted or raised the food, the packager who shipped it, the driver who drove it, the chef you never saw, the waitress you barely noticed, and finally you who ate it. See what I’m trying to show you? One event in you’re life is the result of several people’s hard work.

To often passers by are just that, they pass by and they’re no longer alive. Almost as if they’re existence is only as long as they have anything to do with you.

Ok, by now you’re probably thinking, do I really live my life like that? I know because those were the exact words that came into my mind as the LORD opened my eyes to the hearts of those around me.

Something that actually caused me to start catching myself at it was writing. As you may already no if you’ve followed me for any amount of time I’m trying to write a novel. The reason this is helpful is because I’ve been asked to do things I didn’t realize were possible. Have you ever been asked to describe someone outside of what they like/do/look like? You start questioning what makes up a real person? What makes them do what they do, like what they like, say what they say? There has to be something deeper.

People are their hearts, their motives, their dreams, their reality, their morals. Those are the things that make people who they are.

So the next time you go to judge (we all do it) realize that this story goes beyond this action. Good or bad, nothing happens without reason. Putting ourselves in their shoes not only will make us better Christians (loving, caring, understanding, attentive) but it will also give us a glimpse into the bigger picture of God’s perfect plan.

Realizing that things happen outside your control and for reasons other than your story is both humbling and scary. But it also gives us a new purpose for doing what we do. Our humdrum job soon becomes a way we’re effecting thousands of people. If you work in a factory, what you just made will be used by someone and effect they’re life for a reason.

My writing; I’m not just talking to a blank screen anymore. My subscribers and views aren’t numbers, they’re people, with souls, souls I’m changing. In God’s big picture you’re effecting the lives of others and they’re effect you and your’s.

We’re a huge collision of sinners, a weaving of hundreds of millions of threads into one giant tapestry. Each of us the main character of our own story but each a part of the other’s.

One piece in a much bigger picture


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