Christ is King now, and all men must be subjugated under his rule. (What is the difference between a believer and an obedient human who is not the child of God?)

What makes a nation? A whole lot of different people, with different talents coming together to create a community. I should not be ashamed of my dreams. Media, movies, TV, they’re new inventions, but the rule is still the same. We are the people of God; in other words, we are a nation. Christians are just like other nations in the fact that we all have different desires, and different talents, and when we use those talents to the glory of God we can come together and take dominion.

Christians should be the best at what they do. If you’re a Christian actor, than you should be the best actor out there. If you’re a Christian singer, than you should be the best singer out there. Why? Because those who set the standards set the rules. And that’s just what ambassadors of the Most High King ought to be doing. Reinstating his reign. Reminding everyone who is King and who makes the rules.

Reminding the sheriffs, the governors, and the presidents that they are under His command.When you set standards, you reinstate rules. If it’s the cool thing to disobey laws, then guess what everyone is going to do? Whereas if it’s the cool thing to obey than they’ll do the exact opposite. When it’s the stylish thing to dress modestly, when it’s the normal thing, to be honest, when it’s the expected thing to be kind to one another…these are the things that make a nation.

Who is setting the standards now? Who do you think are making the rules? Who’s deciding what’s fashionable, expected, cool or normal? Are the Christians? If it were, than abortion would not be legal, cussing would not be cool, and miniskirts would not be “in”. Christians have taken the idea of being set apart to literally and have surrendered the LORD’s world to the enemy. We say that we have no business in the movie industry, in the fashion industry, in politics, in food business, in the car industry, in law enforcement, in the intelligence industry, in any industry you can think of. But we are. That is where God intended us to be.

Are there some industries Christians should not be a part of? Yes. Only the industries that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Abortion Clinics; Pornography; Strip Clubs; Sex Clubs.

These are the places we should not be in but if we set the standards than they should not even exist.

And here’s another realization I’ve had. You may be thinking to yourself about now that Christians have tried to take back the movie industry. They might be trying to but at the rate they’re going they’re not going to make it, even to Hollywood standards (which aren’t the best). And here’s they’re fault. They’re not willing to learn from the best. There are people who have been in this industry for their entire lives. But are we asking them how to shoot a scene, write a script, light a room or cast a member? No. We’ve decided to do it ourselves, to start from the ground up.

Do you know how long it’s taken Warner Brothers, Disney, 20 th Century Fox and Pixar to get where they are now? Years. Years and years and years. But are we asking them for their advice? No. Of course not! Why would we?

I think we’ve gotten advice and ownership of the movie confused. Are Disney movies amazing? YES! Are they’re morals flawed? Yes. Could they do better in both areas? Yes. But do they have years of hard knocks and loads of tips they could share with us? YES! We’re not asking them to tell us what to do. We’re not even giving them that opportunity. But has any “Christian” movie you’ve ever seen matched up to things like The Lord of the Rings, or Marvel, or even Frozen? NO! So are there things we Christians can learn? Yes.

And here’s another thing that bugs me about the “Christian” movie industry. Is that “Christian” is defined as a category. Christian is NOT A CATEGORY. Drama is a category, comedy is a category, romance, horror, sci-fi, family, those are categories. So why is Christian a category? Because they’re SO bad! People want to know what to watch and what NOT to watch. So Christian movies are categorized separately so nobody watches them. I think the only Christian movies to make it into an average category were God’s Not Dead, and War Room. Two, out of how many Christian movies? Neither of which are animated. So there’s another place Christians are failing.

And movies aren’t the only thing that is categorized out of the way. Books. Raters no that Christians are bad at what they do. So “Christian” novels never make it to average book stores. We Christians have outweighed the idea of a moral. Moral and quality are EQUAL! You cannot have one without the other if you want a good movie or book or song.

Non-Christian material still have morals, and if you didn’t catch it than that probably means they know how to hide it. Just because they’re unbelievers doesn’t mean they don’t believe in anything. It means they believe in something other than God.

So I can’t be ashamed of my dream to be a writer/singer/actress. I want to raise the standard. When I walk the carpet in a modest, but astonishing gown, I will set the standard for next year. When I write a breath taking God honoring story, it will set the standard for all other novels. When I sing a catchy tune, with a glorifying moral, I will set the standard for all other hits that year.

Of course it won’t come easy, it will take time. They didn’t win over America in a day, and neither will we. But we do have the head start in the fact that we were here first and have the Almighty King on our side.


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