Daily Notes Ep. 3

Hey everyone! I apologize for missing a day, life was hectic yesterday. Anyway today’s post is going to be my notes from the AMAZING sermon on Sunday, and then both yesterday and today’s notes…I hope you all find something encouraging here.

America is not the new Israel. This is not a Biblical idea it is a twisted historical idea. Where in the Bible is the law applied directly to America?

Foot note: Are we as His creations still obligated to obey Him? Yes!!!!! But is the American people under a covenant relationship with Him? NO. We as Christians are, yes, but the rest of America is not. Do we want America to serve God? Yes. But we cannot apply the law to America like it was applied to Israel. This was a theory I had NEVER heard before. But when you think about it in scriptural context, he’s correct. The “new Israel,” or God’s chosen people, or the new nation, is the church.

The law is to be applied individually to the new covenant church. Stop looking at the law and trying to figure out how it is applied to the world or America. Instead search the scriptures for answers as to how it is applied to the church and you, as a creation under covenant with God.

How we treat people is our testimony. How do we treat illegals? With love and care. Not hang with me for a second. Are they wrong? Yes. But what if God, in His perfect wisdom, choose to lead them to Him through their sin!

I heard a story of an immigrant once, a Russian, who outstayed his visa in America. God took this man, changed his heart, sent him back to Russia. And now he is a missionary, along with his family, to both countries.

It is not our place to judge, let the government do that. It is our place to show Christ through the way we live our everyday life.

Matthew 5 – This is what the reign of the Kingdom on the earth should look like. This is Kingdom living.

Blessed= Well souled = No matter the circumstances it is well with my soul…(Question of the day in Ep. 1! Funny how if you just ask God answers your questions).

Poor in Spirit = Spiritual Bankruptcy. Everything God gives me is a gift. God doesn’t owe us anything! Spiritual bankruptcy brings us to gratitude.

Morning over sin brings longing towards heaven. (“How long oh LORD!”)

Mercy because we’ve been shown mercy. The one who is the most merciful is the one who has been shown the most mercy.

Some people see God in everything, some people see God in nothing. The problem is not the stuff, it is the viewer.

Revile = Blatant statements of disdain.
“Let your light so shine before man, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”
“Blessed are ye when men revile you and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.”
“…trust in you before the son’s of men.”
You have to take it public before they can revile you. How can they say something bad about you if they don’t know you exist?

Do people even know you’re a Christian?

The purpose of salt is not to make things more salty it is to accentuate the taste that is already there. Without salt (the beatitudes) we are USELESS.

He doesn’t say to “proclaim the light” he says “YOU ARE the light.” The darkness is scattered by our living of the beatitudes.

We obey by believing and we believe by obeying.

Ps 15:2 “…speaketh the truth in his heart.” The biggest lie we tell is to ourselves.

Ps 1:2 “…and in his law doth he meditate day and night.” Meditate = to bring to mind, to consider. What are we purposefully thinking about every day?

Ps2:2 “…take counsel together against the LORD…” If our enemies can work together (who are not accustomed to mercy) why do we as Christians seem to find it so hard?


Till next time!

God is King Forever!




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