Meet me!

My name is AK, I’m an 18 year old writer/singer/seamstress…my dreams are out there but not beyond achievable. My theology of life has come to be that hard is hardly impossible, and things become possible when you try hard. So keep on trying.


I live in a small town south-west of Nashville TN with my two younger siblings.

I picked up writing when I was 10 years old because of an essay contest that caught my eye.

I wrote my first article for a friend’s magazine on the topic of modesty when I was 11. They liked it so much they asked me for a part two. After that I wrote another one for them on the topic of abortion.(

I started my first blog in September of 2014. ( which turned out to be a huge growth opportunity for me. I started my second blog a few months later after out-growing blogger ( and now I’m here!

I hope that those who read this blog will find it encouraging, uplifting and sound. I hope to address several controversial topics which I’ve found are great conversation starters.

My initial purpose for this blog was and still is to encourage those I can not touch in a personal face to face way. And as an outlet for my writing creativity…I hope you enjoy!

If you want to get to know me better you can follow me on social media:
Instagram and Facebook: @AKSwashbuckler
Twitter: @AKswashbuckler
Snapchat: @Swashbuckler101
Youtube: @SwashbucklingAdventures


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