Meet me!

I’ve heard something about some page that you’re supposed to have on your blog that’s for bragging about your accomplishments. So hang onto your seat cause here we go!423fb5ab-c395-4aea-a48c-1b56c0fc9652

My name is AK I am 17 years old at present and growing quickly. I live in a small town south-west of Nashville TN with my two younger siblings.

I picked up writing five years ago and have learned to love it. God is teaching me so much I just can’t keep it to my self.

I wrote my first article for a friend’s magazine on the topic of modesty when I was 11. They liked it so much they asked me for a part two. After that I wrote another one for them on the topic of abortion.(

I started my first blog in September of 2014. ( which turned out to be a huge growth opportunity for me. I started my second blog a few months later after out-growing blogger ( and now I’m here!


I hope that those who read this blog will find it encouraging, uplifting and sound. I hope to address several controversial topics which I’ve found are great conversation starters.

My initial purpose for this blog was and still is to encourage those I can not touch in a personal face to face way. I want to reach as many people as I can with the message of Christ’s Kingdom.


Meet the Clan:


Now I have to brag about my family seeing I would not be talking to you now if it weren’t for them. My parents met in the Air Force over seas in Germany, married and had my oldest brother Joseph a day after there first anniversary. They are both now working together in the network marketing business Plexus.

Joseph is 28 and lives in OR with his wife. He is an amazing artist and web developer.  ( He’s crazy fun and really awesome, I love every moment I spend with him.

Thomas is 25 and lives not to far from us. He’s a very successful entrepreneur and owns his own business that is just bursting. He is a favorite anywhere he goes but especially here. (

Ian is 21 and just joined the Air Force. He is great at almost anything he does.


Then there’s me of course

Tirzah is 16 and an amazing seamstress! Beautiful and talented Tirzah is both a singer and pianist.

And Robert, at 14 he is already had a verity of experiences that could prepare him for anything! From re-sale to target practice he is very good and astounds me sometimes. Right now it’s a wild guess for where God could take him.

If you want to get to know me better you can follow me on social media:
Instagram and Twitter: @AKSwashbuckler
Snapchat: @Swashbuckler101


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